Upcoming Live Online Seminars

Upcoming Live Online Seminars

Interactive and engaging through the Socratic Method and Collective Learning process is how the experience of learning with the SWEET Institute  comes to life. 

“SWEET is welcoming and delivers material in an efficient, professional, friendly, and non-judgmental manner.”
– AnnMarie – LCSW


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April 9

Trauma Skills Training Full Day Workshop

Let's master strategies to help our clients move from a suffering state to an empowering state of awareness. …

April 13

DBT and Its Several Applications

Regardless of which symptoms or conditions are present for our clients, learning how to best implement the several …

April 6

Implicit Bias and Ethics in Clinical Care

Whether our clients are aware of it or not, they all have biases. We also know that the …

April 29

How to Help Our Patients and Clients Be Treatment Adherent

What does it really mean to be treatment adherent, what does it mean to our clients, and how …

April 22

How to Use Metaphors: Speaking Our Client’s Language

When used correctly, metaphors can be powerful and transferable tools for our clients. From clarifying, to illustrating, or …

May 7

Depression Skills Training: Full Day Workshop

Despite the rise in the number of interventions available, the rates of depression continue to increase. This means …