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Becoming a SWEET Member means you are fully invested in your professional and personal development. You will master the tools to help raise consciousness, and end the suffering of others.   It also means that you are part of the 10% of professionals that make use of the latest in science to inform clinical decisions.  


Unlimited Learning

Self-Study Courses

  • Go at your own pace with hundreds of CEU courses to choose from
  • Gain additional mastery and transform your life and that of others with our non-CEU courses

Certificate Courses

Dive deep in our Transformative and Experiential Learning Certificate Courses that allow you to master the fundamentals, methodologies, and techniques of topics that are highly relevant to the field and work we do with our patients and clients.

Live Online Seminars and Full Day Workshops

In our live seminars you'll get the full benefit of our unique SWEET approach to learning. Even online, you will feel like you are in the same room with our facilitators, who create a welcoming and  engaging environment. You’ll walk away refreshed, empowered, and armed with knowledge and tools to apply immediately.

"I consider SWEET Institute part of my journey in my efforts to be the best I can be for myself, my family, friends, and clients."

join others like you who want to make a difference

We're here for You

Love being a SWEET decision I have ever made!
I love the lovely community you have created and nurtured. I am enormously grateful for the kind, compassionate and professional way classes are presented. Always, thank you!

Membership Tiers and Pricing





Hundreds of courses to do online at your own pace
/ annually (recurring)
  • ✓ Over 500 courses to choose from (CEU and non-CEU)
  • ✓ Enroll in any 1 or 2 Credit CEU Course or any non-CEU course*
  • ✓ Only expires when you've enrolled in the number of courses in your package
  • ✓ Access to courses NEVER expires
  • ... and more


Be a learner for life, attain your personal and professional goals
/ annually (recurring)
  • ✓ Access to over 400 self-study courses (CEU and non-CEU)
  • ✓ Access to all 1 and 2 hour live seminars (CEU and non-CEU)
  • ✓ Access to Monthly Full Day Workshops (6 CEU's)
  • ✓ Monthly Online Group Coaching
  • ✓ Monthly Online Group Supervision
  • ✓ Access to SWEET Community Networking Group
  • ✓ All CEU and Non-CEU Certificate Courses including:
  • ✓ Neurolinguistic Programming
  • ✓ Psychotherapy
  • ✓ Inside-Out Paradigm
  • ✓ Anxiety
  • ✓ Neurolinguistic Programming
  • ✓ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • ✓ Relationships
  • ✓ Depression
  • ... and more

Membership and Pricing


Be a learner for life, exceed your personal and professional goals
/ annually (recurring)
  • ✓ Access to our full library of self-study courses and live seminars (CEU and non-CEU)
  • ✓ Access to all of our CEU and non-CEU Certificate Courses
  • ✓ Access to Monthly Full Day Workshops (6 CEU's)
  • ✓ Monthly Online Group Coaching
  • ✓ Monthly Online Group Supervision
  • ✓ Access to our WhatsApp Community Networking Group

✓ Access to SWEET Community Networking Group

✓ Certificate Courses include:

✓ Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

✓ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

✓ Psychotherapy

✓ Anxiety

✓ Neurolinguistic Programming

✓ Inside-Out Paradigm

✓ Relationships

✓ Depression

… and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Cancellation Policy?

Our Cancellation Policy For New Members:

As a new member, you can cancel your Annual Membership within 30 days and receive a full refund minus the cost of any courses taken during that time. Any cancellation after 30 days will ensure that your Annual Membership does not auto-renew at the expiration date. You will be able to continue to access all SWEET services during the remainder of your membership year. 

Our Cancelation Policy for Existing Members:

If you are an existing SWEET Member, you can cancel your annual membership at any time prior to your renewal date.  If you cancel your annual membership following the renewal date, refunds will be determined on a case-by-case basis only. 

Our Cancelation Policy for Monthly Members:

If you joined the SWEET Institute as a monthly member, you can cancel your membership at any time prior to the date the monthly plan renews. Any cancelations that occur after the renewal allows you to continue to access all SWEET services during the remainder of your membership month.

Please note: Reimbursements do not apply to special membership rates, promotions, or monthly membership cancelations.

Is the membership fee automatically recurring?

Yes, for both monthly and annual memberships, once your membership period  is up, you will automatically be charged for another period at the same rate you signed up with, unless you cancel your membership before the renewal.

How do I sign up for the Certificate Course as part of my Membership?

Depending on your membership plan, as SWEET Members you may be entitled to all Certificate Courses or be given a special discount to enroll in the course of your choice.

When you are ready to enroll, simply send us an email and we will take care of the rest.

What if I don't take the Certificate Course?

There are no reimbursements or discounts for members who choose not to take advantage of the perks and access included in their membership, including enrolling in a Certificate Course. The value of the membership includes live seminars, full-day workshops, self study courses, and ongoing support. All this far exceeds the annual fee.  We hope you’ll benefit from all that’s offered throughout the year!

If I purchased a Starter or Premium Plan, can I upgrade to an Elite Plan?

Sure! Send us an email to help you do this. Pro-rates will be applied based on how long you have had the membership.

What else does my membership include, in addition to courses and workshops?

Your membership also includes access to regular group supervision, group coaching, self-expression series, meet-n-greet with your fellow clinicians, and ongoing support for both your personal and professional needs. All Members also get to attend the SWEET Annual Congress, and the SWEET Center at a discounted rate.