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Albert Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge…”[1] I say, “We are our imagination and we’re always making use of it. The question is, Are we using it for or against ourselves?

When we worry, complain, or focus on what is “not working,” we are using our imagination against ourselves. On the other hand, when we start to truly understand that Life will always be on our side, we use our imagination for our benefit, for others, and for the whole world. Then and only then will we be able to start to truly experience what Einstein really meant by “Imagination is more important than knowledge…”

The moment we help our patients understand such a crucial piece of knowledge, they will begin to experience that there is much more to Life than what they grew up believing.  They will start to appreciate how Life is truly wonderful – And how Life truly loves them.

You will also help them learn how to own it. For this, they will learn to activate it themselves, and they will do so through the proper use of their wonderful imagination [2]. They will learn to allow life to work for them and not against them.

They will then prove it for themselves, and promise to help others do the same so they, too, can start experiencing Life as it’s really meant to be. It will be challenging for them to keep it to themselves.  They will want to share this with everyone in their lives.

One of our modules in our 12-week CBT Certificate Course is CBT and Imagination. In that module, we will be mastering the What of Imagination, the How of imagination, and the Why of imagination.

The word, “imagination,” derives from the Latin words, “imago,” and “imagin,” which mean “image.” It also derives from the Latin word, “imaginari,” which means “to picture to oneself.[3]” What is more, is that our senses need no input for imagination to take place. It is an innate ability – the ability for us to produce or stimulate novelty, be it things, sensations, or ideas in our own mind. When we think of it, it is rather amazing. It means we can form experiences, create or recreate memories, and even shift them at our leisure. This is amazing because this has allowed us to make new knowledge, solve new problems, and integrate learning.

However, this is not always an amazing scenario. For imagination is a neutral cognitive function, we use it ad libitum, as we wish, as we desire, and whichever way we choose to use it, it is at our service. Our patients would benefit immensely from learning to make the best use of such a powerful tool. Our patients would be able to have a better relationship with their thoughts, with their feelings, including their fear, or their anger, the moment they learn how to make better use of their imagination.

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Karen and Mardoche

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