Let’s Get More Familiar With NLP

Neurolinguistic Programming / NLP Certificate Program

Let’s Get More Familiar With NLP

As we have been mentioning in previous articles, NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers a series of benefits to us, clinicians. For example, with NLP, we can:

  1. Set better goals and better strategies to achieve them

  2. Build rapport and communicate more effectively

  3. Make real-life changes, and help others, including our patients, do the same

  4. Achieve excellence

NLP also helps us better understand:

  1. How we think

  2. What makes us tick

  3. What may be holding us back

  4. How to best use words to best communicate with ourselves and others

An increase in success, authentic happiness, and fulfillment, therefore, can be expected. Enlightening “ah-ha” moments will become more frequent. And success in relationships can also be expected from the study and application of this body of science.

Often enough NLP is referred to as a technology. This is because while it is an organized body of knowledge, like all other sciences are, NLP also ensures a practical application of its scientific concepts. For example, it does not just talk about limiting beliefs or programming, but it also talks about how to undo these limiting beliefs, and how to undo the programming. It does not just talk about our limiting patterns or behaviors, but also how to make the change that is required for excellence that all of us are naturally made of (though only 5% of us truly believe and experience that as a result).  When you have the technology that allows you to help yourself, help your loved ones, and help others without pathologizing any of them, and without believing that they are broken, it is by far a technology worth learning and understanding.

It all starts with understanding that we all have a script, and we all operate based on that script. It all starts with understanding that wherever we are today is the result of the script we’ve been running and that if we do not like what we see, we ought to consider looking at that script and adjust it. First and foremost, most of us do not even know we are running a script. We do not know how to find out what our script is. And we do not know how to change the script. NLP helps us do that without the years it takes with other forms of modalities.

 As children, we grew up learning and doing everything that we currently do through the process of modeling. Of course, we did not consciously know that we were learning these things through modeling, but that’s exactly what happened. We learned how to speak, how to think, how to behave, and how to respond to situations, through modeling. As adults, modeling continues, and it does not necessarily become any more conscious. This is exactly why social proof, social conformity, and commitment, are some of the most powerful neuroscience-based and psychological processes that the marketing industry builds upon to get us to buy the items that get accumulated in our closets.

Yet, with NLP, not only do we become conscious of all these mental processes and not only do we become aware of our own conditioning or programming, we also develop the ability to decide to consciously model someone who has the qualities that we want to possess so that we can obtain such a quality. Everything we have become today has been through modeling and we continue to learn through modeling even without being fully aware of it. This is proof that one of the best ways for us to change anything would also be through modeling. This is one of the most significant benefits NLP offers us.

We are where we are. We are not all at the same level of consciousness. We do hope you are at a level where you would be interested in:

  1. Becoming aware of how you have been conditioned

  2. Learning how to recondition yourself

  3. Discovering what is possible when you are no longer conditioned, and how you can shift to the road of excellence to then help your loved ones, your patients and clients, your agency, and the field, as a whole.