Shift Right Away

Behavioral Modification / Clinical Skills

Shift Right Away

It is not enough to know that thoughts do not mean anything. For thoughts come and go, which means, they will always emerge.  While the thoughts may have been lying dormant, when they emerge, there is a possibility that you will be focusing on them [1], without being conscious of it. You don’t want to take that chance. You want to be as conscious as possible, and the more conscious the better. As such, the moment you have a thought that is either Defense-Based Thinking or Illusion-Based Thinking; or, the moment you have a thought that is not Consciousness-Based Thinking or Reality-Based Thinking, you want to become conscious. And you do that by firmly verbally reminding yourself of Truth, Reality, or Consciousness.

There is not much to do, say, or think. It’s simple, fast, and easy. All there is to remind yourself of what is, what does not change, and what will remain so forever.

You can remind yourself in one of the following ways:

  1. “This thought does not mean anything to me.”  
  2. “This is a thought, and it does not mean anything to me.”
  3. “Just a thought and it does not mean anything.”

You are not doing that by fighting the thought, wishing it away, or in the spirit that it is not welcome. Rather, you are doing so for reasons that can be summarized as follow:

  1. Everything is an opportunity [2]
  2. Everything is an opportunity for your own best interest
  3. For things to be of your best interest, you want to use the opportunity
  4. When you have a thought, it is an opportunity, and just like all other opportunities, having a thought is also an opportunity for your own best interest
  5. Just like all other opportunities, for a thought to be for your own best interest, you want to use the opportunity of having a thought
  6. The moment there is an opportunity of having a thought, you can start using having a thought as an opportunity for your own best interest
  7. Once you start using thoughts as opportunities for your own best interest, a number of things start to happen:
    • You start to develop a healthier relationship with your thoughts
    • You stop being afraid of your thoughts
    • You are no longer involved in an ongoing war with your thoughts.

As a result of the above, some additional interesting things start to take place:

  1. You feel more responsible, more able, and with a greater degree of control
  2. You no longer believe that things happen to you
  3. You start to be able to predict your day
  4. You find yourself better able to regulate your emotions
  5. You start to feel more at ease with others, no matter who, and others also start to feel more at ease around you as well

What else can you expect?

  1. You start to sleep better
  2. You feel more eager to start your day
  3. You find your day goes more smoothly
  4. You start to experience more and more that this an inside-out world [3]
  5. You start to be a model for those around, for the world, and you then feel more and more fulfilled, each day

Isn’t this an amazing way of living? Do you find that it is worth it to shift right away?

We hope you do. We congratulate you. And we send you Love.
Karen and Mardoche

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