Signs That You Are Empowered

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Signs That You Are Empowered

In a previous article entitled, Are You Empowered? we began talking about what it looks like when we are empowered and when we are not. Today’s article is a continuation and will look at the signs that denote whether someone is empowered.

If you are empowered, you will try new things and manage the different transitions and challenges that life situations may present. At this State of Awareness, you can cope well and see everything in life as opportunities for growth. As such, you make yourself available to learn new skills to excel in your job, career, or perform your duties better. Growth, learning, education, and development all become achievable goals.

Other signs that you are empowered include your ability to face fears and keep moving. You do not allow yourself or your endeavors to be crippled by anxiety as it does with individuals who are not empowered. Therefore, you can face what you perceive as your imperfections and decide to continue to grow despite them.

When you are empowered, obstacles stimulate you because you know your relationship with obstacles, barriers, or problems. You know that you are living from inside-out and not from an outside-in perspective.

You know you are empowered when you objectively put back into the world as much energy as you take. You do not drain everyone or society; but you contribute as well. You do your best to live each day better than you did yesterday, and instead of comparing yourself with your friends, your colleagues, your siblings, or people you barely know, you compare yourself with yourself. In other words, you continuously ask yourself, “how can I be better today than I was yesterday?” In a nutshell, you compare yourself with who you were yesterday, and you make it your goal to be one inch better each day.

As you live this way, you accomplish much, which results in positive feedback, and which is rather reinforcing.

Questions for you?

  1. Which of these signs of empowerment would you say you have?

  2. Which ones would you like to cultivate more of?

  3. What plan do you have in place for that?

Also, are you a SWEET Member yet? If not, what exactly are you waiting for to embark on your journey to empowerment?

If you are already a member? Where are you in the process? What else do you find you need? Will you please reach out and let us know?

SWEET Institute seeks to end suffering for all. We do that by getting to the root of suffering and address it accordingly. This process requires empowerment and includes all of us, clinicians, and our patients and clients. Are you ready to join us to make this vision more of a reality each day?

Thank you for answering the call. Thank you’re your work. Thank you for who you are. And we look forward to serving you.

 Karen and Mardoche