Understanding the 3 Fundamentals That Govern All Human Beings

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Understanding the 3 Fundamentals That Govern All Human Beings

The 3 Fundamentals are the one Truth that governs all human beings in their entirety. They are studied as three separate Truths for better operationalizing, better organization, and better use. This makes it easier to discuss how they can each be broken down, though, they are always one. 

First, their names:

  1. Mind, or Intelligence Center;
  2. Thought or Belief;
  3. Consciousness or Awareness. 

Second, here’s how to define each one of them:

  1. The Mind or Intelligence Center governs everything in us and about us. It coordinates every single process, and it is where everything takes place.
  2. Thought or Belief is the Operant Factor and what catalyzes or activates the Intelligence Center. It’s what changes or adjusts things. It’s how things happen.
  3. Consciousness or Awareness is the Decisional Factor and what allows us to decide the type of relationship we have with our thoughts or beliefs. It is what decides our predominant thoughts, and therefore what we experience, how we experience it, and how aware we are of the experience itself. 

The 3 Fundamentals are always in operation, and whether you are aware of that or not, doesn’t change anything. How they operate is similar to the 3 Fundamentals of Nature, which are: the Gravitational Force, the Electromagnetic Force, and the Nuclear Force. They are occurring whether we are aware of them or not.

Third, how are they organized? Naturally, since they are actually one, the 3 Fundamentals are designed to work as one. In this case, they are integrated. However, due to evolutionary processes, our thoughts and beliefs, being the Operant Factor, having passed from one generation to the next over millions of years, have led us to operate mostly unconsciously.

As a result of the lack of integration, we operate mostly from an unconscious level, making it harder for the Decisional Factor (Consciousness or Awareness) to operate properly. This is because decisions are being based upon an unconscious process.

For the Decisional Factor (Consciousness or Awareness) to operate properly, we ought to shift. This means unlearning, relearning, and learning. This process is to take place for Consciousness to play its proper role, as the Decisional Factor. This is in no way a deficiency; rather, part of the evolutionary [1] process. article continues after advertisement

Fourth, what is the use of all this? We get to rediscover who we really are; we get to bring to light the purpose of our life; and we get to realize Life, what it is all about, and how to navigate it. The ramifications of all this are as follows: 

  1. We live well — in harmony, in peace, joy, and love for ourselves and for others. 
  2. Without the need to understand physics, we get to fully understand what Einstein meant when he said, “We are part of a whole, called by us, Universe; but we experience our thoughts, feelings, and ourselves as if we were separate from the rest — a kind of an optical delusion.”[2]
  3. We get to fully experience what it means that we are One [3], and what it means that we are Whole. 
  4. We get why health, abundance, happiness, and success are natural to us; and why all it takes is Consciousness and Awareness to decide. 
  5. We get to understand that we are here to be a joyful model for one another, to elevate one another, and to create an environment that enhances everyone from our generation and beyond. 
  6. We get to appreciate how suffering is self-made; how no one is a victim of one’s life or circumstances; and how everything we live and experience is simply a reflection of our Operant Factor. 
  7. We get to fully understand that no one is ever stuck where one is at; that no one is ever broken, and everyone can shift at any time by simply knowing how. 
  8. We realize that we get to design the new “normal” for us in the post-COVID era.

Fifth, given that the Mind or Intelligence Center governs everything in us and about us, one may wonder if it means that we are not responsible. Are we at the mercy of life? Are we at the mercy of circumstances?  Are we at the mercy of the nonlinear pattern and cyclical nature of life?

The answer is a resounding, “No!” The Mind or Intelligence Center is neutral and gets activated and operated through our thoughts and beliefs, which are the Operant Factor. Because we can always change our thoughts and beliefs, we always get to change or choose the output of the Mind or Intelligence Center. 

Sixth, what’s the best way for us to change the output of our Mind or Intelligence Center? We do so by shifting. We shift from one state of Consciousness to the next. First, we shift from the lowest state of consciousness to the next one up. Then we shift from an unconscious state to the first conscious state. And then we shift from one conscious state to the next one up. 

Are you ready to design your new “normal” in the post-COVID era [4]?

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