Why Are You Overweight?

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Why Are You Overweight?

We know. You’re likely thinking:

  1. I’ve always been like that
  2. It runs in my family
  3. It’s in my genes
  4. I don’t eat well enough
  5. I don’t exercise enough
  6. I have no time for a healthy lifestyle
  7. Because of stress
  8. I eat too much sugar
  9. I eat too much junk food
  10. Because of my thyroid
  11. Because of my diabetes
  12. Because of my medications
  13. Because of my diagnosis
  14. Because I don’t know what to do anymore
  15. Because everything that doctors have told me to do has failed
  16. Because while I know what to do, I cannot get myself to do it [1]

What if we told you that all these are merely correlations and not the reason you are overweight? What would you tell us?

Yes, we can hear you right now, saying:

  1. That’s what my doctor told me
  2. That’s what I read
  3. That’s what the literature shows
  4. That’s what is commonly known
  5. That’s what known by everyone

And again, what if we told you that all these are associated factors or correlations? What if we could gently remind you that correlation is not causation[2] despite this is the one biggest mistake we’ve been making in our field of healthcare, all along? 

By now, you may be more open to listening. You may be willing to hear the Real reason why anyone, any of our patients, any one of us, is overweight. But before we tell you, let us introduce you to or remind you of the Truth about Health:

  1. Your default mode is health. You were born in a natural flow of natural health. And even if you were one of the very low percentage of children who were born with a birth defect, this birth defect, which is a constellation of signs and symptoms, was simply part of your body’s intrinsic mechanism to restore your natural flow of natural health [3]
  2. Every single sign and symptom that you experience, including accumulation of fat in the body, which is what being overweight means, is simply part of a feedback mechanism that our intrinsic system is using to return to its natural state of health
  3. This feedback mechanism is for you to know; for you to be aware of; for you to be acquainted with, what is going inside you, in your inner world, in your internal state
  4. This feedback mechanism is not there to punish you, or make you suffer, or inflict pain – physical or psychological. This feedback mechanism has nothing to do with any of those. Of course, we have been interpreting them as such; however, it does not and will not change the intrinsic and intact nature of the system
  5. Overweight is one of these physical signs that are part of a feedback mechanism, that your body uses in its process of health restoration
  6. These signs are ways that your body is asking you to stop interfering with the natural flow of your natural state of health

If you are overweight, how are you interfering?

If you are overweight, it means you are oversensitive, fearful, and therefore find yourself in need to protect yourself. If you are overweight, it may mean you are fearful, and you may be using your fear to hide a series of underlying feelings. Here are three of such feelings your fear may be hiding that are all associated with being overweight:

  1. Anger
  2. Resistance to forgive
  3. Feeling of inadequacy

Have you been overweight, have tried everything and anything, or have made progress, and always ended up sliding back?  Or perhaps, do you know what you need to do but have not been able to do them?  Then know this:

  1. Anger, resentment, or fear, interfere with integration of your organism’s intrinsic system; it therefore interferes with your state of health.
  2. Being overweight is part of the feedback mechanism from your body
  3. Having tried everything to no avail; or knowing what to do and not being able to, can help recognize that you are not overweight for the reasons you think you are.

What to do:

  1. Address any form of anger and resentment
  2. Forgive yourself and others
  3. Take action towards self-love

Take the above three steps, and see how your overweight, which is only a sign, starts dissipating.

All you ask you is to please share your success story with us, and promise to help others who are also overweight.

We send you love,
Karen and Mardoche

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