Why You Experience Headaches

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Why You Experience Headaches

Your head represents your public identity. Hide your head and even your closest loved ones will have difficulty recognizing you. Whenever someone tells you that you look like “X” or “Y,” he or she is simply referring to your head features. You look at others’ heads. You identify others through their head [1]. Your head is the most unique part of your body there is, and regardless of how much you may look like your twin sibling, there is something in your head, that will help distinguish you two from each other [2].

Of course, by your “head,” you may already realize that we are not talking about your scalp, which covers your skull brain. By your “head,” we are talking about both your scalp and your facial bones, which together are anatomically known as your skull, or commonly known to the laypeople as, your head.

Now that you understand how unique your head is, the role it plays for you, how it helps distinguish your public identity, you may start to recognize how denying yourself, invalidating yourself, criticizing yourself, or judging yourself, can easily be represented through your head [3]. How does that work?  Here’s how:

  1. Your forehead gives you away all the time
  2. Your eyelids and your eyebrows will not hide it
  3. Your lips are great indicators too
  4. Your chin and the position of your head also gives you away
  5. What about your eyes and your cheekbones? They are not spared either

In other words, your head, which identifies you in such a unique way to the world, as part of your public identity, will ensure to always identify you in all aspects of your private identity, your inner world, your true self. This is because the intrinsic system of your organism does not know of separation; does not know you as two separate identities, and does not know you as split. As such when integration is lacking in your intrinsic system, the automatic step is a feedback to you through a feedback mechanism loop [4], and such a feedback takes a series of forms, which include and do not limit to the following:

  1. Your state of mind
  2. Your mood
  3. Your attitude
  4. Your perception
  5. Your focus
  6. Your associated thoughts
  7. Your feelings
  8. Your behaviors
  9. Your actions and behaviors
  10. Your habits
  11. Your results
  12. Your identity

Such a feedback mechanism also takes the following forms:

  1. Your energy level
  2. Your level of motivation
  3. Your ability to pay attention
  4. Your ability to think or reason clearly
  5. Your ability to recall
  6. Your drive for life
  7. Your ability to experience pleasure
  8. Feeling overwhelmed
  9. Feeling frustrated
  10. Feeling upset
  11. Feeling stressed out
  12. Feeling drained
  13. Feeling tired
  14. Feeling fatigued
  15. Feeling exhausted
  16. Feeling burnout
  17. Feeling nervous
  18. Feeling anxious
  19. Feeling afraid
  20. Feeling stuck
  21. Feeling paralyzed
  22. Feeling broken
  23. Feeling damaged
  24. Feeling undeserving
  25. Feeling worthless
  26. Feeling life is not worth living
  27. Hating yourself

Did you just experience a headache as you were reading all this? If so, congratulations, you just experientially discovered the reason why you experience headaches. Headaches are one more form, in addition to all these other forms we just cited above, that has the feedback mechanism, to tell you, “Hey, we’re currently going through a restoration process. We are restoring your natural state of health. Can you help? Or at least can you stop interfering?” This is what your organism is communicating to you. However, when we perceive any of the above forms, or symptoms, or signs, what do we do?:

  1. We misperceive them
  2. We misunderstand them
  3. We drink more coffee
  4. We drink more alcohol
  5. We smoke more cigarettes
  6. We take more drugs
  7. We engage in more sex
  8. We eat more junk or sugar-filled food
  9. We take more prescriptions pills
  10. We distract ourselves

There is no judgment to any of the above coping mechanisms [5]. They may not be the same in ramifications, but there are the same in that they are based on a misunderstanding of health, of our organism’s intrinsic system, of our organism’s intrinsic system to maintain our natural state of health at all costs, and of the restoration process used by our organism’s intrinsic system to maintain such a natural state of health that we are all entitled to.

These coping mechanisms may not be the same in ramifications, but there are the same in that they are based on a misunderstanding of the feedback mechanism that our organism uses in its restoration process. A misunderstanding that part of that feedback takes multiple forms. A misunderstanding that part of that feedback takes the form of signs and symptoms. And a misunderstanding of what our signs and symptoms truly mean.

In healthcare, we assign meaning to our signs and symptoms in a way that sounds smart, yet that is totally ignorant. We do so in such a way that sounds so logical, yet based on a false premise. We do so in such a way that sounds so “scientific,” yet that is based on noisy data. This is so because we mistake effect for cause. This is so because while signs and symptoms are simply means of communication, or effects of the restoration process, or part of a feedback mechanism; we take them, these signs and symptoms as the causes. We then give them names to make ourselves sound even smarter, not knowing that we are digging ourselves more and more into an ignorant pit.

Why do you experience headaches? Because your organism, which is your body is communicating to you that you have somehow been interfering with your natural state of health [6], and you are to stop doing so. Do you want to pop up a pill the next time you are experiencing headaches? Well, it is not “either/or.” If you are already too debilitated to even think, your best bet is to pop up a pill, to numb yourself from the sensory information, take your attention off the stimulus, so you can focus on how you might have been interfering with your natural state of health. Once you’ve realized that, you then can do something about it.

What are your options? One of them is for you to continue doing what you’ve been doing: Keep interfering with your natural state of health. Continue to keep your organism in a constant process of restoration. Continue to pop “headaches pills” to numb yourself of the sensory information from your body. Never get to identify how you might have been interfering with the natural flow of your natural state of health. Therefore, never get to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, all your body knows is to return to homeostasis, and because it does that at all costs, your headaches become migraines, then your circulation starts to be affected even more. Then your doctor increases the number and strength of your pills. Then you continue to interfere even more with your natural state of health. Then your body has more restoration to make. Your body then responds by sending more feedback. Then we call this feedback “side effects” without understanding that side effects are only our body’s feedback on how we are interfering with our natural state of health. With all these signs and symptoms altogether, they cannot fit any of the current labels or diagnoses we have. We then need a new label, a new diagnosis, to explain why your headaches have not been getting better, why you have developed even more symptoms on top of that. And why no medications or chemicals have been helpful.

Do you want to stop this? Do you want to help your loved ones or your patients get the help they need with their headaches? Then explain this to them:

  1. We are designed to be healthy
  2. The system that operates the galaxies, the planets, and that monitors the earth’s movement around the sun is the same one maintaining our state of health
  3. The system has an intrinsic mechanism to restore health each time there is interference
  4. Interference does not come from anywhere other than our thinking and our state of awareness or consciousness
  5. The system restores health through a feedback mechanism to tell us to either do something or to at least stop interfering
  6. We cannot do something or stop interfering by continuing to do business as usual
  7. One thing we can do for headaches or one way we can stop interfering so we get our health restored is through one or more of the following:
  8. Realizing that somehow, we’ve been attacking ourselves, by judging, criticizing, or invalidating ourselves, which then has led to fear of being retaliated against for these attack thoughts;
  9. Realizing that your thought and consciousness are the only operant factors for the system that operates your natural state of health. And the only way you get to interfere with such a system is through your thought and through a lack of awareness.
  10. Realizing that the only way to work with your organism’s intrinsic system in the restoration process is through your thought and awareness. And that regardless of how many of the above coping mechanisms you make use of, you can simply obtain a short-term solution that is always guaranteed to fire back and make things worse.

Welcome to health, and congratulations on saying good bye to headaches.

We are happy for you,

Karen and Mardoche

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