Can Clinicians Help Undo Racism?

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Can Clinicians Help Undo Racism?

The Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., once said, “Our life begins to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”  These were the first words articulated recently during the 2nd Part of the 3-Part Conversation on Undoing Racism held by the SWEET Institute and the New York Time bestselling author of 10 books, Robert Holden, Ph.D., who was once ranked as the #1 Expert in Happiness in the UK.

Following the same level of educational and scientific rigor of the SWEET Institute, and its set of standards, and that of Robert, the thinking behind this 3-part conversation on Racism is centered around ending the insanity cycle that we have all been witnessing around the phenomenon of Racism. In other words, the spirit is from the understanding that to change a system we do not fight its current reality; rather, we create a new system that renders the old one irrelevant. This means this conversation is not meant to be sensational as it is on the news channel or on social media. For instead of condoning one side and vilify the other, we adopt a spirit that is contained in the following 5 aims for this conversation.

First, we have a Quadruple Aim:

  1. Acknowledging the effects of Racism

  2. Understanding that we all care

  3. Exploring how we are currently responding, the outcomes of our responses, and what might be a more effective and sustainable way of responding

  4. Ensuring that our responses are balanced with the coupling of learning and reflecting through ongoing inquiry

There is also an Ultimate Aim, which is: Realizing the type of thinking that may be required to undo Racism once and for all.

This Ultimate Aim includes an invitation for us to be willing to be part of the generation that actually undoes Racism.

Do you find this invitation to be bold or even preposterous based on everything that has already be done and has failed to work?  This is exactly why this heart to heart conversation is required and why we are having it. For so much, indeed, has been tried, for so long, but with the same thinking that has created Racism, to start with.

Einstein reminded us that, “We cannot solve our problems with the same type of thinking that created them,” and this is why our Ultimate Aim is to realize the type of thinking that may be required to undo Racism once and for all. And yes, once realized, the invitation for us to be part of the generation that helps undo Racism will be, feel, look and sound like, the most natural invitation to accept, and we will feel able to step up to the occasion.

Can clinicians help undo Racism? Could we be the generation that helps undo Racism once and for all? Would you like to be part of this conversation?

If so, please join us for Part 3, on 11/12/2020, 12-2pm EST, and we look forward to welcoming you then.

Until soon,
Karen and Mardoche